Rest in peace Lil Peep

In today’s age of hip-hop and rap stars, it can be said drugs are dominantly glorified by this genre of artists. These lyrics may be affecting the artists and their fans too.

Gustav Ahr, otherwise known by his stage name “Lil Peep”, was a wakeup call to all artists who infuse drug related lyrics into their music. Peep died on Nov. 15, 2017 from a Xanax overdose. Junior Ryan Dunn expressed his opinion on the ordeal touching on the point of artist’s freedom to create.

“I think artists are just expressing their thoughts about drugs which is their choice. But that can definitely have an influence on the people that listen to their music,” Dunn said.

Grossing millions of plays on his Soundcloud, Peep’s death was a massive hit to many fans of his music around the world.

His music consisted of a lot of his feelings at the time of the songs and also dove into a lot of his mental problems including depression. Senior Alex Aubert commented on Peep’s emotions in his music hinting him being depressed.

“I think he may have wanted to die, a lot of his songs suggested it at least. So overall maybe it may had been the best for him, I loved his music though,” Aubert said.

Many people are speculating that Peep had a drug problem not only because he overdosed but what he has said in the past in his music.

He may have been using too much of the drug because it is an anxiety medicine. Before his death , Peep suffered lots of mental health issues.

“I think his death had a direct impact on many of his fans and it will have the fans rethink the choices that Lil Peep made that influenced them,” Dunn said.

Other artists expressed their condolences towards Peep and his family on social media such as Post Malone and Ty Dolla $ign, with Malone even making the decision to get a very detailed portrait or Peep on his arm.

Aside from his peers, the overlying issue that most Peep fans on social media had was whether or not the overdose was justified by his mental issues.

“Without a doubt I think mental illness has an effect on drug abuse, however people can find other ways to cope such as treatment at certain facilities,” Dunn said.

Recently, a police investigation into the overdose arose. Police said that the drug in question may have been laced with fentanyl. Fentanyl is a drug that is 50 times stronger than heroin and has spread throughout America in the recent year, according to The Guardian. Complex Magazine said that an official autopsy will take around six to eight weeks to be released to the general public.

“Drugs are bad in the first place, but I feel like the person who gave them to Peep is guilty because he didn’t know what they had put into them. It doesn’t seem right to give someone something that could kill them when they were thinking it was something else,” Aubert said.

Before he passed away, Peep was putting up numbers grossing millions of listens on the music streaming app Soundcloud where anyone can upload their music and have a chance at fame.

“He had tons of emotion in his music and his music was never subpar to me. I think given more time, he could have become an icon and at least he is getting the recognition he deserves now even though he’s dead. He tackled all sorts of rap industry problems and put his all into his music. The good die young,” Aubert said.


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