A note-worthy bond

On Oct. 17, a 16-year-old boy was arrested for the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend, a member of Whitehall-Yearling High School’s show choir. According to nbc4i.com, he stabbed the girl 20 times, and also was carrying lighter fluid and a lighter at the time of the attack. The victim was taken to the hospital and was soon after listed as being in stable condition.

An event like this obviously has a very large impact on all involved, and many groups of people, including Whitehall-Yearling High School and the local show choir community, have come together in order to provide support for the victim of the attack.

“The choir program and school have provided her and her family with support and resources. The choir has bonded more than ever to want to do well for her and be there for her especially when she returns. She has many good friends in show choir that have been very traumatized,” Whitehall-Yearling choir director Ann Johnson said.

The choirs at the school are also doing things to support the injured Whitehall student. Junior member of Revolution show choir, Emma Loftis, gave some insight regarding what kinds of efforts are being made to show support for the student.

“So far, we’ve raised $904 to go towards her and her family to help with the medical expenses and everything that comes with such an act. Us in Revolution have sent get well cards and are planning to send a get well basket,” Loftis said.

Even though Whitehall and Orange are opponents when it comes to show choir, they were able to look past that rivalry and come together in this time of need to aid a fellow show choir member.

“When such a negative event happens, I feel like it brings the show choir family closer. Even though we are all competitors, it affects us all, knowing that it could’ve been one of us. We’ve raised money to go towards all the expenses and we’re definitely sending all of the prayers we can towards her and her family,” Loftis said.

Johnson also commented on the relationship between show choirs from different schools and the impact this relationship has had on the entire situation.

“The show choir community is beautiful and has reached out to Whitehall show choir as well as my student, sending care packages to her, messages of strength to all and support,” Johnson said.

Even for students who are not a part of the show choir or general choir community, there are ways to help out and assist in covering things like the student’s medical expenses. Anyone who wants to donate has the ability to do so through a gofundme link, or simply show support by sending get well-wishes or cards.

“So many schools have already been so kind and sent her cards, flowers, videos wishing her well and money to help with her medical care, and there is a gofundme set up for her that another Director from a school in the Cincinnati area started. I would suggest contributing to the gofundme or sending monetary donations on her behalf to myself at Whitehall Yearling High School. She has a long road of recovery ahead of her. Here is the gofundme link: ‘https://www.gofundme.com/whitehall-showchoir-member-recovery’,” Johnson said.


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