Sweet Carrot

Photo credits and Illustration by Sami Level and Sweet Carrot

Nestled off Grandview and fifth Ave is a restaurant that brings the idea of comfort food to the people of Columbus. This restaurant is named Sweet Carrot and this winter they are expanding their range to Polaris Parkway.

Sweet Carrot first started out as a catering business, and it skyrocketed from there. After purchasing a food truck and a smoker Angela Petro, CEO, went to many festivals around Columbus and it was an instant hit.

“I’ve had a catering business for many years. Five years ago I got a food truck off Craigslist and a large smoker. We thought we could roll out the food truck for the Columbus Arts Fest. We came up with the basic items for our festival and it took off from there. We did some other festivals and every time we did a festival we had people who loved the food so much they would, come from all around to get our food,” Petro said.

After their first festival, they entered into more because so many people came from far and wide to get their food.

“There were many occasions at the Country Living Fair when people would come with coolers filled with dry ice wanting to take our food back to their home state for them to enjoy later. From that, we got the idea to go into the restaurant,” Petro said.

The menu at Sweet Carrot has been a very collaborative method and everyone who had an idea had input.

“The menu here at Sweet Carrot has been a very collaborative thing. We have had many great chefs here who have had their input, one said we should put smoked meats on the recipe so we did, another said to have corn cakes. The corn salsa that we use in various dishes was a family recipe. And the idea for a scoop of mac and cheese on sandwiches was actually a customer’s idea who asked us if they could do that,” Petro said.

Sweet Carrot will be opening up on Polaris Parkway this winter to bring their food to the suburbs.

“A lot of local brands peek around the cooler suburbs, Clintonville, Short North etc.. People who used to live downtown eventually move to suburbs and still want the cool places to eat, but they don’t get many cool local restaurants in the suburbs so we said ‘Why not take SC to them?’” Petro said.

“We are super excited to be coming into the area," Petro said. Choosing the second store was a super hard thing to do. Opening up the first store was easy but to go from one to two is difficult. We are excited for the opportunity and the support from the community,” Petro said.

Many people enjoy this casual comfort food restaurant.

“I heard about Sweet Carrot from a friend and decided to meet her for lunch. I checked out the menu online, and it sounded like something different that I haven’t experienced before. It sounded like a unique concept. The food seems very fresh and the vibe of the restaurant was very welcoming and relaxed. I’d would rate the food as better than similar restaurants due to the unique flavors of the sauces on the meatballs and brisket,” Sweet Carrot customer, Tara Smith said.

Not only has Sweet Carrot grabbed the attention of locals, but they also received the attention of television.

“Within the next two months, look forward to see us on the No. 1 rated Food Network Show,” Petro said.

Sweet Carrot isn’t only setting their eyes on Lewis Center; they are looking to expand to even more restaurants.

“We are having conversations with potential landlords right now and that’s all I can say as of now,” Petro said.

For now, around the time of their opening on Polaris Parkway, they will have a hiring event and they are looking for anyone who is interested to come out. The address of their new location will be 2050 Polaris Parkway.


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