Coffee? Yes please

Caffeine has now became a staple for me in my life and I have noticed some benefits to having my daily cup(s) of coffee each day and they have all impacted me for the better.

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I didn’t start drinking coffee until about seventh grade, but it wasn’t anything too crazy in my mind. I maybe had a cup of blonde roast a week (if that). I didn’t realize how much it really affected me until I slowly increased how much I drank each week. I am all for caffeine, but people need to realize to where their limit is.

I finally realized my addiction this summer when I started to work at Starbucks. Working there, caffeine is ever- present. It is in almost every single drink in our menu and with employees on the clock allowed to want, my caffeine consumption has increased dramatically.

Well, to be honest here, my caffeine addiction isn’t as bad as some of my coworkers. I know some people who will have 11 shots of espresso a shift. To do the have any drink they math here 75 mg of caffeine are in one shot so: 75 mg X 11 = 825 mg of caffeine.

I did some research and according to, people should have around 400 mg of caffeine a day.

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So that’s more than double the recommended consumption of caffeine someone should have each day.

As I slowly increased my coffee/ caffeine intake over the years I have quickly realized when I don’t have even the slightest bit, I can get a headache. This really isn’t an issue if I have some each day.

Well this might not seem like I support caffeine, but I do and there are any reasons why I think that. One example is it helps to make me more productive each day. After my morning cup of iced coffee each day, I feel energized and ready for the day.

At school after I drink my first cup, I am always more attentive in class, and I participate more. I am always in a better mood after I drink it too. The taste of the coffee is an added bonus. Whenever I smell it I am instantly happy and think of all the good times I have had while drinking coffee.

Yes, like all other stories there is another side to it, but this is mine. I am all for caffeine (within reason) because of all the positive impacts (and very few negative impacts) it has placed on my life. So please, go treat yourself and go have a cup of coffee (or shot of espresso)!

Illustration by Avery Lichtenberg


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