Homec-here! Oops...already here

Sept. 23...homecoming??? While

we’re at it, why don’t we just have Winter break start in October? Let’s move Spring break to Valentine’s Day. Why didn’t we just start school June 1? Should I wear my bathing suit underneath my homecoming dress?

There are 30 days left. It takes at least two weeks for the homecoming groupchat to pick between Brio and BJ’s Brewhouse. Then another week to find a way to

tell my one friend who couldn’t find a date that they probably shouldn’t come in my group, because that would just look weird. (I’m totally not being a bad friend it’s OK to make sacrifices for cute pictures, right?)

That gives me nine days. Not to mention the five days that I need to set aside to help my bff’s boyfriend make a totes adorbs sign so she can break 300 likes on Instagram when she posts the picture (even though I totally saw the idea on Pinterest and everyone else has seen it at least 20 times before.) I’m pretty sure it takes at least two days to get to the Lakes Golf and Country Club to take pictures during homecoming weekend, so that adds some time too. Two days left: I haven’t had much time to think, so the only person I can nominate for homecoming queen off the top of my head is myself. That’s fine. I probably wasn’t going to vote for anyone else anyways. After that, the next step is to ask all the girls in my group what color dresses they are wearing. Then, I’ll buy the same color dress as the girl who said my dinner suggestions were bad. That’ll show her.

Lastly, with one day left, I need to make my spray tan appointment right now, because if I’m the only girl at the dance not sporting our school color than that would be super awk (Go Orange!).

I guess the moral of the story is that regardless of if our Homecoming dance is in Fall or the middle of the summer, which it pretty much is, all that matters is that we have fun because we only get to do it four times. But not too much fun because remember, Dr. McFarland is always watching! Happy Homecoming!


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