The 'identical' lives of twins

Being an identical twin is a bit of a rarity, as only about 32 of every 1,000 people are either identical or fraternal twins. During the 2015-2016 school year, the school contained about 15 pairs of twins. Having a built-in best friend, who is also their doppelganger, seems like a little bit of a nuisance to some, but for many others, it is an amazing and enviable concept.

The first response that comes from a person’s mouth when they learn someone is an identical twin is often something along the lines of, “Wow, that’s cool! I wish I was an identical twin!” Juniors Susan and Marie Beattie are identical twins, and according to Marie, the two have a “very strong, tight relationship and are there for each other 24/7.”

“The best thing about being a twin in my opinion is that we always have each other and we don’t have to do anything alone. We get on each other’s nerves sometimes but other than that, it’s awesome,” Susan said.

As in any situation, different people have different interests. Just because the pair are a mirror image of one another doesn’t mean that they have the exact same hobbies. Personalities differ from person to person, and in this instance, the Beatties also participate in different extracurricular activities.

“In terms of differences between us, we look exactly alike so there aren’t a lot of them other than the sports we do. We have the same friends who we love hanging out with, we are both active and we love shopping,” Susan said.

“Our personalities contrast a lot. Susan cares about a lot more and I’m very laid back and easygoing, but otherwise, there aren’t many differences,” Marie said.

Many people may think that every pair of twins has a picture- perfect relationship, and that they do anything and everything together. But according to Susan, that is not always the case. “Not all twins have a relationship like we do. Some get along, some fight and some just don’t really like each other. Marie and I are best friends- inseparable- and we love each other a lot,” Susan said

Photo credits by Susan and Marie Beattie and Nick and Matt Kaschak, Illustration by Tyler Ross

When someone thinks of twins, they think they’re just copies of one another and must get along like clones. However, some twins have very differing opinions of each other, the Kaschaks would be an example.

”We don’t get along at all. We’re nothing alike,” Nick said.

Although one twin may dislike the other, it doesn’t mean that it goes both ways, especially in this case.

“We get along most of the time because we are the same age and are good friends,” Matt said.

Both Nick and Matt play soccer for the varsity team and it can definitely be said that this is the best kind of chemistry in sports.

“I think we play well together in soccer because we know exactly what each other are doing. We have played together a lot so we just know how each other play and so it’s simply good chemistry,” Nick said.

It can be said that having another person on earth that looks exactly like you could be annoying or even weird.

“It’s weird because I don’t like thinking about the fact I was born out of a stomach with the same looking person as me at the same time,” Nick said.

Along with looking alike, identical twins are closely related in every other aspect such as clothing or shoe sizes. When someone thinks about this it can be said that twins would seem to always be sharing clothes.

“No, we don’t really share clothes much. We have a lot of our own stuff that the other wouldn’t wear but occasionally we’ll borrow each other’s,” Matt said.

Depending on the situation, twins may be unhappy as they look alike and are the same age. These common interests can be a make or break in a family relationship.

“I wouldn’t want Nick to be a different age because I don’t think we would be as close,” Matt said.


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