New school year, new athletic director

A very important previous staff member is back at Orange this year. It comes in the form of new Athletic Director Buck Weaver.

Weaver brings lots of previous experience to the athletic program with past experience in the field of athletics.

“Before Orange I was the Athletic Director at Westerville South. Before that, I was at Orange teaching Health and Physical Education. During my last time at Orange teaching, I was also the track head coach and was an assistant coach for the football team,” Weaver said.

Whether people have heard of Weaver from his previous time at the high school, or not at all, he has a lot to offer.

He not only plans to stay busy improving the athletics at the school but is also already busy back at home with his family.

“I have a wife named Annie. I also have two kids. One is a nine month old son named Griffin. The other is a three and a half year old daughter named Joanie,” Weaver said.

Athletic directors are in charge of lots of tasks such as coordinating meetings between all the sports programs, equipment purchases and handling situations with coaches and players.

However, Weaver is very confident he’s in a great position to improve on what the school has done in the past.

“The previous principal Mr. Meyer did a great job of setting the tone for the student body and athletics in my opinion. I’m coming to Orange at the perfect time. All our programs are on the uprise, and I plan to keep it like that,” Weaver said.

To keep the school’s athletes in line, there are also mandatory random drug tests.

At the beginning of this year there was a lot of speculation about whether or not the school would change the drug testing policies this year.

Photo credits by Walt Campbell

“I don’t think there is any changes to the drug test policy. There is still random athlete tests whether they are in season or not. As drug testing other than athletic drug testing (referring to the “parking pass testing” rumors), I don’t think those decisions would cross my desk,” Weaver said.

One issue that comes up every year for the athletic department is competition for turf time between the various amount of sports at the school.

With the amount of programs that want to use the turf for their sport, it can be hard to keep track and make sure everyone stays happy with the schedule.

“Typically I get into head coach meetings where we hash out the schedule for the turf. I’m the mediator for the talk between coaches. I want everyone on the same page and able to use the turf.”

Weaver not only hopes to continue the school’s success, but improve on it as well.

Kathy McFarland, the principal of the school, helped make the decision to bring Weaver back into the athletic program.

“As a new member of the team with past experience, Weaver will bring many new ideas to the school creating an even better experience for not only the athletes but our student body as well,” McFarland said.


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