Service with a purpose

Interact Club, the school’s service club, held their first meeting Thursday, Aug. 31. The club introduced membership requirements, laid out goals for the year and started students on the process of becoming members.

Senior Sakthi Senthilvelan is the club’s President. Senthilvelan said that the club is one of the biggest at Orange.

“Last year we had 386 members. It's one of the biggest clubs here at Orange and it's been amazing to see so many people involved in volunteering,” Senthilvelan said. “It can be difficult communicating with so many people, but we're definitely happy with the system we have in place.”

Vice President and junior Livie Mauger said that the executive board hopes to expand the club’s reach this year.

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“This year, we're really pushing more member participation,” Mauger said. “We're hoping to put our club out there in the community and just really broaden our horizons. We want to get outside our school and influence the world around us and make sure people have a good time while doing it.”

Senthilvelan said that there have been some changes made since she first joined the club, improving the way things are run.

“We changed from our 24 hour requirement our freshman year to doing four service events per period my sophomore year,” Senthilvelan said. “We really wanted to emphasize quality over quantity, that's why we changed it and it's been great.”

Mauger said that no matter the changes, she has enjoyed her experiences in Interact Club.

“Over the past few years, I've met so many people,” Mauger said. “Whether it's through socials, service events or just going to meetings, I've really gotten the chance to expand my friend group. It’s been an amazing group to be a part of.”

The club’s next meeting for members is Sept. 14, where they will announce their planned service events for the year.


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