Girls' field hockey vs Bexley 9/6/17

This past Wednesday, Sept. 6, the girls’ field hockey team defeated the Bexley Lions in overtime by a score of 2-1.

The Pioneers scored their first goal midway through the first half, putting them up 1-0. They would not score the rest of the half, and would hold Bexley scoreless as well.

Photo credits by Jacob Fulton

During the second half, the Lions struck, scoring in the sixteenth minute. This would be the only time either team would score during the half; a final score of 1-1 in regulation time resulted in sudden victory overtime.

In sudden victory overtime, the first team to score and break the tie is the victor. With seven minutes left, Orange scored, ending the game with a score of 2-1.

Head Coach Anna Karousis said that in this game, the team ran into the same issue it has the rest of the season, but recovered.

“Our issue this season has been the fact that we dominate 90 percent of the game, but the last 10 percent, we tap out and finish early,” Karousis said. “Today we let up early, and that short period of time allowed [Bexley] to score a goal. But as soon as we saw that happen, we were back on our game, and made sure they didn’t score any more [goals].”

Karousis said that one of the team’s goals has been to be more aggressive on offense, and she saw that today.

Photo credits by Jacob Fulton

“In past games, we’ve taken one, two, maybe three shots on goal, and we’ve ended up with zero points,” Karousis said. “Today we had sixteen. All our girls really stepped it up, and that’s what got us the win. If we aren’t shooting, we aren’t scoring, but today we did both, and that’s definitely what I want to see more of.

Sophomore Hannah Brown took eight shots on the goal over the course of the game, and scored both of the Pioneers’ goals. Brown said that after two recent losses, she was driven to be more aggressive when playing.

“We’ve lost the past two games, and the entire team knew we needed to do something to break the streak,” Brown said. “Our coach talked to us before the game, and really just gave us a boost in confidence. Because we needed to win so bad, I just realized I had to step it up and push myself.”

The Pioneers’ next game is Monday, Sept. 11, against the Thomas Worthington Cardinals. The game takes place at Thomas Worthington High School; JV will begin at 5:30 p.m. and Varsity starts at 7:00 p.m.


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