Students helping students

Peer collaboration is an available class, designed for students to aid other students in their understanding of some of their other subjects. It is organized and run by teachers Jaime Miller, Pamela Otten and Cari Tyler.

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Students apply to be a part of this program during scheduling for the upcoming year by putting down a study hall, and listing their areas of strength. Their list is then taken into consideration as the three advisers find a class they would best help in.

“We do our best to schedule the students in a class of their preference during that scheduled study hall to maximize their areas of strengths,” Miller said.

There are many benefits that come out of peer collaboration. Not only does it help students in class and provide a peer role model for them, along with encouraging students to help others and feel OK asking for help, but it could also be beneficial to the peer collaborators themselves.

I’m planning to major in education so I’m able to get experience working with others and teaching them. It has also allowed me to create great friendships with new people,” senior Emily Davis said.

This class has proved to be very helpful to students receiving help from their peers. One of the best testimonies to the class was a student who was helped by a peer collaborator and then became one.

“This one student said she was unsure that she would have passed her math class without the assistance of her peer collaborator, and in turn she applied to be a peer collaborator in art, which was one of her areas of strength, the next year,” Miller said.

The main goals of this program are to aid students in helping students. It helps everyone do better and it creates an environment of cooperation and helpfulness through each participant. Anyone is welcome to take part, as everyone is able to help in some way.

“We all have strengths and we all have struggles. If we tap into this, we can all be better together,” Miller said.


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