Striving for a successful showcase

The end of the year usually means hours of mind numbing studying in preparation for final exams in most classes, but for choir members, it signifies hours of dancing until their bodies ache and singing until their throats are raw. All of this hard work goes towards Showcase: the largest performance of the year that involves all seven choirs coming together to create a show unlike any of the regular concerts.

This year the theme of the show is Disney, and it is titled “It’s an Orange World After All.” This means the show will be full of songs, dances and costumes inspired by Disney.

It can be difficult to juggle all of the different elements required to make Showcase an amazing show.

“The most challenging thing about showcase is learning all the songs and singing them well, along with the dancing, costume changes and movement on and off stage thrown in. It can feel pretty overwhelming,” junior Choraliers member Lindsay Borger said.

Showcase requires a lot of preparation for both the singing and dancing aspects. It is the only show of the year that students from all choirs are required to learn multiple dances. Additionally, it is the second of only two performances in which all of the choirs sing together for songs other than the national anthem.

“It’s very special getting to do your favorite thing with your best friends, especially for seniors because it will be their last performance here at OOHS,” junior Dance Captain Salem Valiulis said.

One of the most difficult parts of showcase is working together as a group. Before opening night, the choirs only have three practices altogether.

“The most challenging thing would have to be getting every individual choir on the same page. Making sure everyone is doing the dance correctly, has the right costume and can fit on the stage is a challenge,” Valiulis said.

While the after school practices are vital to the performance, they can also be very stressful. It can be difficult to have all of the dances and songs learned in time, especially with the added pressure of AP testing the week of the practices.

“We have extra rehearsals after school, and it is around the time of finals and AP tests, so it’s definitely a matter of extreme time management,” junior Varsity Singers President Emma Storer said.

However stressful or arduous showcase preparation is, students usually enjoy showcase and look forward to it every year. It gives them a chance to express themselves to their peers in a way that they don’t usually get to in regular concerts.

“My favorite part of showcase is the fact that the songs we sing are usually more popular songs that people have heard before. It makes it fun for the students in choir, but also for the students in our school who might be more likely to come to the concert knowing that we’ll be singing popular, fun songs,” Borger said.

Showcase will be at 7 p.m. May 5 and May 6 and 2 p.m. May 7. The show will include “Try Everything” and “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” as well as other Disney hits.


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