Dear time

Dear Time,

Are you aware of the pain you cause me? The stress you fill me with? You are the reason beads of sweat drip down my face as I stare at my calendar. Where to begin? I have five final exams, three AP tests and eight projects. So much work to be done, but the more that accumulates, the more you just seem to disappear! Oh time, why do you do this to me?

When it comes down to it, you are the most useless thing to exist. Right as you are needed, you are nowhere to be found! You’d think with all the work I have to do, you’d at least sympathize with me and offer me a little of yourself. And that’s all I ask for: a little! Instead, you just disappear as if I don’t matter—as if nobody matters, because I know that they need you just as much as I do. This offense you have committed is one of the worst, especially when your most impacted victims are innocent, desperate, helpless students.

Not to mention, you lie! You say that a minute is 60 seconds and a month is four weeks but it feels more like a moment. And it takes more than a moment to complete the many projects I have due and study for an adequate amount of time. I wouldn’t mind if you perhaps shifted your scale to properly display what is actually provided, but saying that the current system is “true” is by far the biggest offense of all.

To right this wrong you’ve forced upon us, I suggest that we add more hours in a day. Almost like a daylight savings time, but a permanent adjustment. This would allow for more time to complete the the work and accommodate the sleep deprivation. A day could be 30, maybe 35 hours. Schoolwork would become much more bearable.

Really, Time, all I’m asking of you is that give a little more consideration to us struggling in the fourth quarter. Maybe, just maybe, you could stop constricting what is given to us. I know there is more available! Consider us, please.


A stressed, tired student


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