2016 Recap

Throughout 2016 there has been a number of things that have been in the news for both good and bad. These topics that are listed are some of the most talked about topics of 2016.

Politics: Election (everything about it)

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Donald J. Trump won the presidential election this November, earning 306 electoral college votes to Hillary Clinton’s 232, according to CNN. In the weeks following his victory, the president-elect has been busy nominating people for many different positions within the government.

“Even though some people are upset about the results of the election, I think they will realized that Trump will make great changes to our nation,” junior Camila Hall said.

Sports: NBA, Olympics, and World series, Super bowl

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To start off the year in February the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl by beating the Carolina Panthers 24-10 according to nfl.com. This June the NBA finals took place and the Cleveland Cavaliers came up on top winning game seven 93-89 according to ESPN. A couple months later, the Olympics took place, and according to nbcolympics.com the U.S.A had a final metal count of 121 metals, 46 gold, 37 silver and 38 bronze.

“When the last game between the Warriors and the Cavaliers came up I thought I knew for a fact that the Warriors were going to pull out a win, I was wrong. Surprisingly the Cavaliers got the win which surprised me in many ways,” sophomore Susan Beattie said.

Pop culture (memes): Inner me, hitting button, Arthur memes

Many popular memes became highly popular on twitter this year. One of the first memes to surface was “Damn Daniel”. During the summer, the Arthur meme surfaced and just recently the Kermit “inner me” meme has became popular.

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“Well the “Damn Daniel” meme I thought it was like the funniest thing ever. When I first heard (because someone said it to me) I was like "what the heck? I don't even know what that is" and then they showed me the video and I couldn't stop laughing. It's kind of weird though because it's like not even funny but it is. The Arthur meme was pretty interesting because it was used in so many different contexts but it kind of faded away pretty fast. The Kermit ‘inner me’ meme is still pretty active and it's pretty funny because it brings out the realness in people that they probably wouldn't show otherwise. I think because it's displayed as a joke or comical thing, people are more likely to share their true 'inner me's,” senior Ana Paula Flores said.

News: Major deaths, terrorist attacks and police shootings

During 2016 there were three main topics that showed up in the news frequently this year-- terrorist attacks, police shootings and unexpected celebrity deaths.

“The number of terrorist attacks us pretty unnerving and upsetting. There really seems to be no easy way to resolve the problems with terrorism as the attack become more and more frequent and dangerous,” junior Chris Gardiner said.

Music: Closer, Heathens, and This is what you came for

According to Billboard top 100 for the week of Nov. 28, “Closer” by the Chainsmokers is near the top of the charts at No. 2, “Heathens”, a song written by Twenty One Pilots, is ranked at No. 7 and finally “This Is What You Came For” by Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna is ranked at No. 26 on the charts.

“Heathens is one of my favorites because of how cool it is to hear a band on the radio that you used to hear locally all the time,” junior Jillian Neuman said.


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