Several teachers maintain second jobs

Some of students and parents will say teachers get paid plenty, but a lot these people don’t know the reality of how much they make. Some teachers get another job for a better cushion of income, but is that is not the only reason. Whether it’s for extra income or just a passion a lot of people want to know why teachers do go out and do more work on top of their teaching job.

To explore different reasons why teachers have other professions, you need to ask a different variety of people. Teresa Gellenbeck, a business class teacher here at Olentangy Orange that also runs her own photography business.

Photo credits by Leena Bee Photography

"In the beginning it was a way to supplement my income, but I also like to practice what I preach,” Business teacher Teresa Gellenbeck said.

Teresa Gellenbeck -Photo credits by Leena Bee Photography

Gellenbeck also said her salary only went up a sufficient amount after about five to seven years teaching.

Gellenbeck also mentioned that some teachers should have their wages higher.

When asked if she gets paid a fair amount now and if she was still going to keep her business long term Mrs. Gellenbeck said, “Yes, I do get paid a fair amount. I do want to keep my business long term as it’s a passion I have and I also think it makes me a better teacher for my classes.”

Another teacher also sees teaching as a day job.

Spanish teacher Camilo Colotto works at a cafe in the mornings on his weekends.“It really is just calming for me and also does help a little bit with my income,” Colotto said.

So it seems like most teachers aren’t really just doing it for the money and that teachers do have other reasons for having a second profession.


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