A day I'll never forget

The day is finally here: my first day of high school. I’ve been waiting for this day for as long as I can remember- the day I finally become one of the big kids. I’m finally top dog and nothing will be able to stop me now.

I walk through the big double doors and step foot into the halls that will determine the next four years of my life. I’ve done my research, I know what’s in and what’s out and who’s cool and who’s not. Weeks of extensively stalking people’s social media has prepared me for the task ahead: finding a group to roll with. Who I associate myself with on the first day of freshman year will forever impact the rest of my high school career. It will make or break me.

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But no amount of research could have prepared me for the scene I walked into. Couples were displaying extensive PDA, a group of seniors were ganging up on a freshmen and a group of junior girls were sitting on the lunch table carefully applying makeup. This was not the kind of environment I expected to walk in on and it all went downhill from there.

As the bell rang for the start of first period, I found myself running up and down the halls with hot tears boiling in my eyes… I can’t find my classroom and I’m already late to my first class of high school. I had asked a group of seniors for directions but they conveniently led me to the wrong side of the school. I’m running down the stairs desperately trying to find my classroom as I trip, and all my papers spill across the floor. I end up spending the rest of first period crying in the bathroom.

I drag myself off the floor as the second period bell rings and I dreadfully leave the bathroom. As I step out I’m immediately lost in a sea of people who are all more than a head taller than me. I get pushed around as we move by inches trying to make it down the hall. The smell that reached my nose is unbearable and I had to hold my breath all the way to the classroom… which I actually found this time!

I walk in as the final bell rings, and I feel all eyes on me as I shuffle to my seat. The teachers give me the side eye as I take my seat and pull out my notebook. He then proceeds to go on a 50 minute ramble over whatever it was that he was talking about. I watch the clock and countdown the minutes until it’s over.

This happened seven more times as I go to each class. Finally the bell rings signaling the end of the day and return to safe haven. I crawl my way home with my backpack making it feel like my neck was going to come off from all the homework. I put it all off for the next day at school and peacefully take a nap.

High school was not what I expected, nobody was dancing and singing on tables and nobody cared what you did. Round two comes tomorrow.


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