Welcoming Ken to Orange

Having a new principal comes with a lot of new changes, some of which include a new position, the parking attendant.

The parking attendant’s job is in place to make sure that the parking is a lot more organized place to be. Ken Bahnick is the school’s parking attendant, and his job is to enforce the rules of the parking lot, including where the students, staff and visitors park, enforcing parking rules, like making sure everyone has their parking pass, handing out tickets and even sending kids to the overflow lot when the front lot runs out of spots to park in.

"My favorite part of the day is when I get to talk to the students and being able to get my walk in. I typically walk around four miles in a day," Bahnick said.

Part of Bahnick’s job is checking to make sure everyone in the building is parked in their appropriate parking spots.

“I walk the parking lots to check for student parking permits and check to see that students, staff and visitors are parking in their designated parking spots,”Bahnick said.

A normal day for Bahnick includes walking

around the parking lot, greeting students and staff in the morning.

“My favorite thing about working at Orange is the staff, teachers and students,” Bahnick said.

Bahnick loves interacting with the students here and he loves being able to talk to his family about some of the things students do.

“When he talks about his job he talks about some of the unique ways students try to get out of a ticket. He clearly enjoys working with the students and staff atOrange High School,” Ken’s wife, Wendy said.

Bahnick grew up in a small farm town in Northeast Ohio called Burton, he then attended the Ohio State University, and has been living in the Columbus area for over 30 years. He has a wife, Wendy, and two kids, a junior at Olentangy High School and an eighth grader at Shanahan Middle School.

“Ken and I like to go out to eat, watch movies, attend OSU basketball games, and hang out with our teenagers when they’ll let us,” Wendy said.

Bahnick has known his wife for over 20 years, and they met here in Columbus at a basketball recreation program.

“One of my favorite things about Ken is his fun- loving nature and his sense of humor,” Wendy said.

Before working at the high school, Bahnick worked as a teacher at Columbus West High School and he was a recreation manager for Upper Arlington and for Grandview Heights. He has also worked as a golf shop manager for Little Turtle Golf Club in Westerville.

“In my free time I attend all of my children’s sporting events. I also officiate OHSAA basketball games,” Ken said.

Although some students can become frustrated with the idea of someone walking around, handing out tickets to anyone who breaks the rules of the parking lot, Bahnick’s job is for student, staff and visitor safety and parking lot organization.


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