Mas-care-ing about your makeup

On social media, anyone can learn different techniques on how to make one’s winged eyeliner a perfect cut and highlight to be eye-catching. However, it is just as important to keep one’s skin healthy as it is to have a fully beaten and baked face.

Expiration dates for makeup should be heeded instead of ignored because it could eventually lead to breakouts or infections.

“The most important dates to remember are for any eye products. We recommend switching out for new mascara every six months. When it comes to foundations, a general rule is 12-24 months and even sooner if the foundation has SPF in it,” Sephora employee Alison Seibold said.

“The composition of the makeup changes. As it expires, the chemicals can change and cause a reaction. Over time, makeup collects germs and bacteria and using expired products can cause many infections,” LUSH employee and junior Faith Myers said.

Skin care is very important to many and the key is to pay attention to what products are applied to the skin.

“A lot of women and men look for skincare and cosmetics that are free of pore-clogging products, or ‘non-comedogenic’. We carry many brands - Tarte, Josie Maran and cover FX to name a few - that cater to more sensitive skin,” Seibold said.

“Bare Minerals is a big one that many seem to know because of the full coverage and light, anti irritating formula. LUSH is another increasingly popular brand that carries fresh handmade cosmetics that don’t clog pores,” Myers said.

There are many benefits to using natural products on your skin. Organic and natural cosmetics are much more gentle on the skin and lack many chemicals, which prevents sensitivity, allergic reactions and acne breakouts.

“Parabens and phthalates in makeup have been studied and correlate with cancer. Your skin is a protective barrier to keep bad things out and using chemicals on it can cause acne (by clogging the pores),” Myers said.

Brands to stay away from don’t necessarily have to do with the overall product, but more so what type of skin they cater to. Everyone’s skin is different so it is best to find products that best suit specific skin types.

“I wouldn’t say there are specific products to steer clear of. Of course, if you have certain skin concerns there will be products that may not be ideal for your skin,” Seibold said.

“Depending on someone’s skin type, the methods of skin care may vary. Always take off your makeup before going to bed because it will clog your pores, producing acne. For oily skin, I would recommend using a product with almond oil because vitamin A helps with acne. For dry skin I would recommend rose water for redness, honey for antibacterial and acne elimination and beeswax for moisture,” Myers said.

Another key to keeping skin as healthy as possible is washing it. Removing the makeup and dirt from the day will clear pores and result in less irritation.

“The best advice I have for removing makeup is simple: do it! Leaving your beautiful makeup on too long can cause blemishes, eye irritation and other issues. You want your skin to breathe and have time to absorb good moisture while you sleep or on a day off,” Seibold said.

The cause of breakouts could also be from dirty brushes. Using the same foundation brush, blush brush or beauty blender can spread bacteria quickly. However, an easy solution is washing the old makeup and bacteria off of the brushes with brush shampoo.

“I recommend cleaning your brushes weekly, more if you ever use your brushes on others. Cleaning them ensures they don’t transfer bacteria, and it keeps them softer for your skin,” Seibold said.


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