What is leadership?

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Leadership is defined as the power or ability to lead other people, according to Business Daily. Leaders are necessary in this world and can impact history, such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Ghandi, both of whom helped to change the world. Leaders are found far and wide, and are an essential asset to a functioning society. Whether officially or unofficially, some people are born to lead, if even on a smaller scale.

The high school is not lacking in student leadership. Though they might not have the impact as people such as Ghandi, they are found across the school in places like their sports teams and their after school clubs as they become role models for their peers. They take on the important roles of setting the precedent for others to follow and setting the attitude that determines the success of the group.

Senior Sam Almond took on this leadership role as a captain of the football team. He is considered by many on the team a figure who’s looked up to, especially by the underclassmen. “To me, leadership is who you look up to. It’s who you look to for guidance in the tough times. Like when things aren’t going well on the field, its who people will look to to see how they’re reacting. It takes someone who is willing to put the group above themselves and do what’s best for the team as a whole,” said Almond.

But being a leader doesn’t come without its own challenges. According to senior Parker Castillo, President of the Business Club and DECA member, the toughest part is the fact that not everybody will agree with decisions leaders make. “It’s hard when not everybody supports your decisions, but as a leader you have to stand by your decision and lead by example.”

Having the ability to lead will help you as you finish high school and find your place in the world. Starting early by becoming a leader in your school environment will give you the confidence to reach for bigger things and to voice your ideas. It will bring nothing but opportunity as you take on the role of leading others. You can get this experience by joining clubs or teams at school or in the community, and for going for officer or captain positions. “To be a leader all you have to do is make the right choices and set an example for the people you’re trying to lead. That way they have someone to look up to that they know they can trust,” Almond said. Becoming a leader isn’t hard, you just have to have the right mindset.


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