Student athlete GPA: too low?

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Although high school athletes work hard to manage their time, keeping up their grades might not be the most important thing on their radar. With the eligibility GPA being a 1.5 or higher, pretty much anyone is able to participate in team sports.

Being able to participate on a high school sports team is a privilege. Teaching athletes to take their grades seriously is an important lesson to learn.

Grades are an important part of high school and while some student athletes seem to focus on their grades year round, others seem to slack off on their school work during the season.

Raising the GPA for athletes to become eligible to play sports would eliminate the issue of having some athletes lose their motivation for school or keeping their grades up.

When a student is completely unmotivated, expecting them to become a completely motivated athlete is setting the bar very high.

Changing the GPA for athletes to become eligible to play sports means make high school athletes would strive to work harder than other students, because they knew they know that they would either make the cut or they wouldn’t.

If a student athlete was told they would have one week to save their GPA or they wouldn’t be able to participate in their season, those same students on the verge of being cut would work harder to get their GPA up, so they could participate in their season.

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Changing the requirements to be a student athlete would also change the athlete's mindset about time management, teaching them that although they have practice, they still have to put forth the effort on school work. Although most students may decide not to touch their homework during the season because they’re “too tired” from practicing, they may choose to change their mind after knowing that not keeping up their grades could result in being cut from the team.

By raising the eligible GPA for student athletes, not only would they strive to do their homework and keep their grades up, it would teach students to manage their time wisely. From working a regular job, to practice, to keeping their grades up, athletes would learn the importance of having multiple responsibilities.

With a 1.5 GPA, students are averaging a D+, which is just barely passing, but to some students, a D just so happens to be completely failing.

By raising the GPA for students to become eligible to play a high school sport, schools are teaching students the responsibility of time management, the importance of keeping their grades up and showing them that having motivation to get work done will always pay off.

With hard work, most students can manage to maintain a GPA of a 2.5 or even higher, so a student athlete should be required to maintain that, even in the offseason.

Teaching students to work hard and maintain a certain level of performance will show students the importance of managing their time, having a strong work ethic and performing to their best ability.


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