Live as if you’ll pie today

One thing that makes Thanksgiving dinner something to look forward to is the pie. So as a class, the Courier staff agreed upon making different types of vegan and regular pies to sample and compare. Afterwards, each individual person voted for the version of the pie they liked best—vegan or regular.

The three types of pie included in the taste test were pumpkin pie, caramel apple cake and French silk pie. The students ranked the pies on a scale of one to five, one being the despicable, five being the at-out splendid.

The first two desserts brought into the Courier class were the French silk pies.

The regular one appeared crumbly with light brown color on the bottom. The cream on top was very fluffy and airy and held hints of darker brown with white mixed into it.

“The regular pie was sweeter and had a more normal consistency than the vegan pie,” senior Sami Welsh said.

The vegan French silk pie varied in the way that the bottom was dark brown with a lighter brown fluffy, whipped cream laying on the top.

“The vegan pie was really good. It tasted like a chocolate cliff bar with nuts and a chocolaty mousse on top,” senior Caroline Webster said.

The second dessert tried by the class was pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie is a Thanksgiving classic and everyone knows what it should look and taste like. Both pies looked like a typical pumpkin pie: light tan crust and a dark orangeish, brown color for the body. The class enjoyed both the vegan and the regular pie.

“I liked how the non-vegan pie had more of a firm consistency. The vegan pie wasn’t very flavorful and kind of bland,” junior Alissa Green said.

“The consistency of the vegan pie was creamy and wasn’t too sweet. Both however, were very good,” senior Jessica Saffell said.

The last pie that was brought into class was a caramel apple pie. The regular one had crumble on top and was very soft and moist. The vegan was harder and less sweet.

“The regular was too sweet. I liked the consistency of the vegan more,” junior Mattie Niles said.

“I liked the regular one better. The vegan pie wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t sweet like you’d expect. The regular one on the other hand was extremely sweet,” said senior Abby Daniels.

The average ratings were all in favor of the regular pie for all three. The average for the regular French silk was 3.7 and the vegan was 2.8. The average for the regular caramel apple pie was 3.7 and the vegan was 3.2. The closest comparison was with the regular pumpkin pie at 3.9 and the vegan at 3.4.

Regular desserts Rating Vegan desserts Rating

Carmel apple cake, non-vegan. Photo credits by Sami Level and Sami Welsh
Carmel apple cake, vegan. Photo credits by Sami Level and Sami Welsh

Pumpkin pie, non-vegan. Photo credits by Sami Level and Sami Welsh
Pumpkin pie, vegan. Photo credits by Sami Level and Sami Welsh


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