Life: Frugalized

Finding things to do without spending much money can be tricky, however, living in luxury isn’t always an option. The Columbus and Lewis Center area have many options for having fun but staying cost conscious.

Lazer Kraze

Located past the railroad tracks, by Sky Zone, Lazer Kraze welcomes high schoolers while providing a fun environment at a good value.

“We tend to have high school and college students in our all-you- can-play sessions,” Robin Wilcox, owner of Lazer Kraze in Lewis Center, Gahanna and Cincinnati, said. “During the all-you-can-play sessions, different game formats make for even more awesome competition.”

Wilcox welcomes students to come play low-cost arcade games, joust in the in atables and play laser tag during the month of November.

“It’s $8 for one mission, $14 for two or $18 for three,” Wilcox said. “During the month of November, we’ll give free glow bracelets to any OOHS student buying tickets for Late Night Lazer as long as they bring a school ID,” Wilcox said.

Columbus Museum of Art

The Columbus Museum of Art (CMA) is a calm but interactive place to experience art culture at a multitude of affordable exhibits.

“On Sundays, it’s free and on Thursday you pay what you want,” Visitor Engagement Coordinator of CMA Hannah Mason-Macklin said.

CMA has a fun environment that is accommodating whether people want to talk, play or engage with the art.

“We provide spaces for all types of visitors, whether they want to look at art quietly, create at Maker Stations or discuss at Join the Conversation Stations,” Mason-Macklin said.


Highbanks, off of 23, offers the chance to experience nature without spending any money.

“If you are someone who enjoys nature and being outside, Highbanks is a great place to visit,” Russell Cowden, full-time ranger at High Banks, said. “There are many species of trees and animals.”

Highbanks is still an ideal place to go during the fall, despite the cooler temperatures, Although it may not be a good time for picnicking, it’s perfect for hiking or running.

“Highbanks is a very good place to see the fall colors come out as the leaves change,” Cowden said. “If you like peace and quiet, it can be a good place to take a walk or read a book.”

Carriage Place Cinema

The Cinema, off of Bethel Road, is a great location for watching movies at an affordable price.

“It only costs $2.25 for a regular movie and about $1.50 more for 3D films,” Bryan Jeffries, Cinemark’s Director of Marketing and Promotions, said. “If you sign up for the weekly email, Cinemark will send you concession coupons,” Jeffries said.

The Cinema is a good place for teens to go since it’s fun but also convenient.

“It’s perfect for high school aged kids because it’s a fun, safe place to be on a weekend that offers great entertainment at an affordable price,” Jeffries said.


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