Nice Costume!

It’s time for everybody to get prepared for lots of pumpkins, perfect weather and Halloween. While it is possibly the best time of the year, choosing a Halloween costume can be stressful and hectic.

There are many stores to buy costumes at in our area, making it so it is not difficult to buy one. The real difficulty is choosing what to wear. Popular choices this year will be Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton costumes, a giant teddy bear costume, and what seems to be the most popular, a Harambe gorilla costume.

Sophomore Madison Malin plans on dressing up for Halloween this year. ”I want to be a big blow up sumo wrestler.” Malin said. She has yet to purchase her costume, but she said it will cost her around $40. This may seem like a lot, but compared to other costumes, it is very cheap.

Spirit Halloween, a store located in Polaris Mall on the lower level between JCPenney and Sears, offers many different costumes at many different prices. This includes the oddly popular Harambe costume.

Sophomore Nathan Prosnik is a Harambe Enthusiast. “Harambe is the gorilla that was shot at the Cincinnati zoo back in May,” Prosnik said. Harambe was killed because a small child had fallen into Harambe’s exhibit and the zookeepers were afraid that Harambe would kill the child. “Just like the internet always does, they blew up the situation to an extreme and made Harambe a big deal.” Prosnik said.

Harambe costumes are going for a large amount of money at Spirit Halloween, upwards of $120. There are other places to buy these gorilla costumes, such as They sell Harambe costumes for about $50.

Finally, we have the masks of our presidential candidates: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. According to a recent Twitter poll, Trump and Clinton costumes are the least popular out of the options of Blow-up Sumo Wrestler, Harambe and Creepy Clowns, but these masks will still be seen quite a bit on Halloween. These masks are going for about $20 at Spirit Halloween.

Whether you want to be Harambe, a big sumo wrestler or Donald Trump for Halloween, it’s all about having fun and enjoying yourself on an extremely cold October night. It’s also about getting more candy than your friends, but tips and tricks on that is a story for another time.


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