Trailblazing Pizza

With only 93 locations open in the United States, we should be lucky that we have a Blaze Pizza right around the corner on The Ohio State University’s campus. Blaze Pizza aims to create an atmosphere like Chipotle where customers can create their own pizza in 180 seconds.

I went during the week in the afternoon and there weren’t many customers flooding the restaurant since I went during school hours. Inside Blaze, there were booths, high table tops and regular tables that welcomed all its customers. The walls were covered in black and white stripes with a hint of orange to display its theme colors.

Blaze mainly looks to direct its food to younger, college kids because it is located on a college campus. The whole atmosphere can be described as a very casual, welcoming environment where people can meet with friends.

Towards the back of the restaurant, there was a table filled with delicious ingredients that could potentially lay atop of each personalized pizza. Even though Blaze is known for its fast-made pizzas, there are other options like salads for customers who aren’t always interested in pizza.

There were many signature pizza options to choose from, including the Meat Eater, Art Lover, Green Stripe and many more.

I chose to get the Barbeque Chicken pizza which included: grilled chicken, mozzarella, red onion, banana peppers, gorgonzola, and a drizzle of barbeque sauce.

As I was making my way down the line of many toppings, the workers put my pizza on a “peel” (a shovel-like tool used to place pizza in an oven) to put it in the so-called “Blazing Hot Pizza Oven” for a few minutes. Unfortunately, they burnt my pizza and had to remake it and place it back in the pizza oven, making me wait

an extra five minutes for my food.

In the end, the wait was totally worth it because they gave me one of their S’more Pies for free due to the extra waiting time. The S’more Pie consists of two circular graham crackers holding a warm marshmallow with chocolate all heated by the glorious “Blazing Hot Pizza Oven”.

The pizza served here can be compared to any pizza served at a gourmet restaurant. The sauce can vary due to the customers’ choices, but I could tell that they have some sort of “special ingredient” because no other place has anything that tastes like it. Blaze gives pizza lovers the option to order a “spicy sauce”, and personally, I’ve never even thought of doing this. Even though I didn’t get it, I could imagine that it would be different and unique because no other competitor does this.

There are three types of crusts you can get: classic dough, gluten free dough, and high-rise dough. I chose the high rise dough, and this crust isn’t like your typical delivery pizza crust, it is filled with the flavors of cheese and garlic that blends with all the tastes of the ingredients of your pizza.

I got all of this for under $8. This price is pretty fair considering its competitors. They charge the same amount as Chipotle, Qdoba and Bibibop all while customers can get their own personalized pizza within 180 seconds.

Overall, I would rate Blaze Pizza four stars out of five. The food was good, it had a warm, welcoming atmosphere and great staff. The only thing that is bringing my opinion down, is the fact that they burnt my pizza the first time but later redeemed themselves by giving me a free cookie in efforts to repay me for waiting.


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