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Planning of Evans Farm community

The stereotypical American small town could be closer to actually existing than ever with the new Evans Farm Community. Predicted to be built within the next decade, in both Orange County and Berlin Township, the community will feature front porch living, with 2,200 homes, apartments and a town center, as well as commercial stores.

This 1,200-acre community aims to bring people together to live comfortably. It hopes to promote walkability, close proximity of housing to shopping, and access to public accommodations, all in one town, according to Evans Farm Living.

“Evans Farm will be a different community than many of us are used to here in Central Ohio,” said Keller Williams Capital Partners realtor Dan Hamilton, who is not officially associated with Evans Farms.

Flint Citizens Still Need Water

Last year, the water in Flint, Michigan was found to be contaminated with lead, and thus making residents sick. This began in April, 2014, and so far between 6,000 and 12,000 children have been exposed to these high lead levels. This contamination occurred when the source of drinking water was changed from the Detroit Water and Sewage Department to the Flint River. The people of Flint are still recovering and are still in need of help, according to the Flint Water Study.

Gahanna Lincoln High School is currently hosting a water drive. “I think it’s more important now than ever to help Flint because their crisis is no longer being recognized by the media,” said student Lizzi Reese.

More testing changes for OOHS

For most of the school’s history, juniors, and some sophomores, have been taking the PSAT on a school day. However, this year it will be provided on a Saturday, with the ACT instead being given to juniors at OOHS on a school day in April.

Despite these many changes, the school district will still fund the PSAT for all juniors, along with the ACT as well now. This is due to new state requirements that school districts provide a college entrance exam for their students.

Guidance Counselor Pamela Otten said, “Now, since they’ll be taking it on a Saturday, students do have to sign up. However, it is free for juniors.”

Louisiana floods destroy homes

Many people have been calling it the worst disaster since Hurricane Sandy, and it indeed could be, as the recent flooding in Louisiana has currently destroyed 146,000 homes. The record 20 inches of rainfall has displaced many people, and even killed 13.

According to CNN, the natural disaster has spawned some controversy as well, with many citizens believing President Obama failed to fulfill his presidential duties by not making a timely visit to the state.

AP Government teacher John Carmichael said, “The citizens will need not just rescue from a flood, but access to low interest loans to rebuild, social programs for those who’ve lost everything, and

engineering to help prevent this from happening again”.


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