Medication vs. natural remedies

In 2016, one of America’s biggest problems comes in just one bottle. Commercials on television are always brainwashing the idea that medications x everything. This is causing a handful of society to go straight to medication if they don’t feel well or think something is wrong.

According to Mayo Clinic, 70 percent of Americans are taking one prescription drug and 20 percent of Americans are taking five or more prescription drugs. On the other hand, some use natural remedies such as herbs, essential oils or aloe vera to improve their health or illness. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Healthy, approximately 38 percent of adults (about four in 10) and approximately 12 percent of children (about one in 9) are using an alternative, or a natural remedy. Is there really a “better” option to take?

There are many benefits to taking medications to fight bacteria, relieve pain, and alleviate any symptoms one may have. For a lot of people, medication is a part of their daily routine, and they believe it is the most reliable solution. According to Market Statistics, 60 million Americans would not seek treatment for their

illnesses without medications.

“Medication has been proven to work while not all home remedies have,” nurse Judy Jackson said.

Most medications make an effort to warn consumers of any side effects that could possibly occur. However, with natural remedies, it doesn’t always warn people about the potential dangers or the risks they are facing. In addition, natural remedies can cause major side effects if one is already taking a medication and they interfere with each other.

“You don’t always know the science and reasoning behind natural remedies but you always do with medication. If you decide to use a natural remedy and are taking a medication that you think could interfere, you should always check with your doctor to con rm that it is safe,” Jackson said.

On the contrary, a part of society depends on using natural remedies to improve their health. A patient formerly diagnosed with cancer, Richard Evans said natural remedies are primarily associated with diet and by improving one’s diet, one can live a much happier, and healthier lifestyle.

“My cholesterol levels were higher than the desired level. Through a lower- fat diet, I have been able to reduce these numbers and thus use less medication. Another example is blood pressure. Once again my readings were not in the highly desirable category and adjusting my diet alone favorably impacted these numbers, ” Evans said.

Natural remedies have been known to have the same amount of bene ts as medication but with less of a cost and less of a major impact on the body. Many people consider them to be very healthy and believe they can even increase one’s immunity to disease.

“Fundamentally, I try to use as little medication as possible. Natural remedies have improved my life by lessening some of the side effects of medications, ” Evans said.


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