Something cool to do after school

An array of clubs and activities are offered for the student body to enjoy. Art, sports and raising awareness clubs are all at students disposal. With such a long list for the average student, it's hard to know what’s out there.

Numerous students wishing to complete their volunteer hours have no idea where to start. Interact Service Club is an extra curricular students can participate in to help community by volunteering.

Run by science teacher Jamie Gilbert, library aid Julie Leonard and social studies teacher Jamie Paoloni students can sign up for different volunteer opportunities that fit their needs. Junior Molly Anguko recently joined interact club in an effort to start volunteering in the community.

“It was an easy way for my friends and I to start to volunteer,” Anguko said.

Students often join with friends for easy carpooling and a more fun experience. The club has a few informational meetings in the beginning of the year, and some quarterly meetings. Students can talk to the club advisors for more information.

However, people should join the club with work ethic and dedication in mind.

“You should be ready to volunteer and attend the meetings,” Anguko said.

Another club can expand student’s domain on their knowledge and perspective of black culture, Black Empowerment Club. All are welcome, as the club is looking to empower and inspire the students.

“We don’t want to exclude other ethnicities; the club is welcome to all and it's about achieving awareness through education,” Vice President, Emnet Hebo, said.

According to Hebo, the club meetings consist of discussion, listening to music, eating and a variety of other activities. To attend a meeting, students can get in touch with the advisor, business teacher Stephen Lewis or the President of the club, Akua Agyen. The club also have goals set for the year.

“I want us to be able to come together not just inside the school, but outside as well to better the Olentangy community through different ways,” Hebo said.

Female students who have an interest in engineering can join the Women in Engineering club. It is run by industrial technology teacher Lindsay Chaney. There are fewer women than men in STEM fields, so the club was created to encourage and motivate women going into these types of programs.

“We want to provide young women with a comfortable environment that allows them to explore and understand Engineering,” Chaney said.

Members of the club solve different problems and scenarios, including an assortment of different projects.. The end goal is to work on a long term engineering problem and formulate the best solution.

“They will be introduced to engineering professions and women in those roles,” Chaney said.

The school has a variety of extracurricular activities for students to indulge in. In addition, students can start their own club by getting a teacher advisor and discussing their plans with the front office. For more information, visit the high school website, under the tab 'Clubs and Activities'.


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