Double 'O' Diner

It’s hard to sit in a class room for 45 minutes without getting up, day in and day out, so it is an enjoyable day when the special needs students host Double O Diner once a month in which they serve the staff during all lunch periods, with different meals.

“It is a lot of work don’t get me wrong, and I always get double my normal steps. However, we all really enjoy it,” intervention specialist Mariam Zabonik said.

The students love interacting with the teachers and other students, while serving and making new foods they haven’t made before.

“The purpose of Double O Diner is to get the kids to practice their people skills in a real-life setting. The students love it, the parents come and some of their relatives, and they are always very proud of themselves,” Zabonik said.

Also, the teachers savor time when they can get together and socialize while meeting students they haven’t connected with before, or growing the relationships they have previously built.

“Not as many teachers participate as you would think; we have about 35 guests, and only 15 of them are teachers,” Zabonik said.

It is good to stray from the natural setting of a classroom and learn new life skills while conversing with different teachers through out the day.

“I like to serve different foods that helps me with many jobs for the students to have,” Zabonik said.

The students decorate the room with table clothes and set the tables as if it was taking place in an actual restaurant. They also wear aprons to act as waitresses and servers.

“I love working Double O Diner as a cashier. We meet many new people and it is fun to get out of the class-room,” said sophomore Hunter Hutt.


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