Pros and cons of a new high school

Olentangy’s district is growing faster and faster, with no end in sight. As the hallways become more packed, students become more stressed. With Liberty, the largest school, at 2,083 students, Olentangy at 1,750, and Orange at 1,770, changes need to be made.

With the possibility of a new school being announced, rumors are almost certain to circulate. Many people are thinking what the name could potentially be.

“I haven’t heard much about it, but I’ve heard rumors that it would be the high school branching off of Berkshire,” sophomore Rachael Nobile stated.

The debate is being made as students discuss the pros and cons of the new high school. Another high school means separation of friends and friend groups.

“Having another high school would lower the amount of people in the school, which would make going through the hallways much easier, but I wouldn’t want it because I’d be separated from my friends,” sophomore Taylor Foreman stated.

Superintendent Mark Raiff is the man responsible for district matters such as this. Many people have wondered, since Berkshire opened, if there would be a high school branching off, and where the school would be.

“We own land in the Northern part of the district on Berlin Station Road, by Olentangy High School,” Raiff said.

Mark Raiff, current superintendent of the Olentangy school district.

Talking to students, many different opinions are expressed. Some don’t like the idea of going to a new high school; others think it’s a great opportunity.

“Being a part of a new school is nice because of the new things like technology; however, I would mostly be angry because I would most likely be separated from my friends. Also, a new school always takes a couple years to start up in terms of education and athletic programs, so I would much rather be at Orange,” Nobile said.

District officials are debating whether to put the new high school on the ballot in the spring. More room is clearly needed; it's just a question of what the district is going to do about it.


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