Orange puts the 'lead' in 'leadership'

The Ohio Union serves as a meeting ground for many events such as National History Day and all the university’s informational events. Most recently, though, the Ohio Union was home to the OHSAA-SLC (Ohio High School Athletic Association Student Leadership Conference).

Some of OOHS’s own Pioneers were invited to be ambassadors for the conference. The goal of the event was to inspire other students to become leaders in their community and to drive students to unleash their inner potential.

“Orange students and students from Thomas Worthington High School ran the entire conference in front of more than 1500 students from around the state of Ohio. They did everything from introduce guest speakers, lead energizers and warm-up activities, [to] serve lunch to everyone, check in students and their leaders [and] serve as ushers,” Conference adviser Carmen Clark said.

The students chosen to be ambassadors for the conference had to put in a lot of work for the event to run smoothly.

“Two Sunday training sessions for three hours each at Thomas Worthington High School with 20 other students [from] each school” were required to “organize, plan [and] practice chants, cheers, dances and hospitality,” said ambassador and junior Maddie Brooks.

There were 15 students from OOHS and TWHS chosen to lead the entire event. The students were chosen based on their previous demonstrations of leadership.

“15 students were chosen by staff and administrators to be student ambassadors for this conference,” said Clark.

“The conference consisted of presentations by several guest speakers including gold-medalist Jerome Singleton, motivational speaker Harvey Alston and sports reporter Dom Tiberi,” conference videographer and junior Spencer Channell said.

The conference was held in the Ohio Union at The Ohio State University.

Channell was asked by Clark to record the conference for memory and to better improve next year’s event.

“A few weeks prior to the conference, [I was asked to] speak with Ms. Clark - Spanish teacher by day and crime-fighting Ohio High School Athletic Association Student Leadership Conference coordinator by night. Event leader Harvey Alston was looking for a videographer to make a conference video, so Mrs. Clark asked me to fill this role,” Channell said.

Overall, its participants and guests considered the conference a success.

“[The conference was] one of my most memorable high school experiences and was a great opportunity to experience leadership skills and develop relationships with new people,” said Brooks.


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