O-O-H-S goes O-H-I-O

The Marching Pioneers have always been highly regarded and considered worthy of all the praise they receive. Recently, the band has been given the chance to prove its greatness.

On Saturday, Sept. 27, the band gave the performance of a lifetime when it got to play at The Ohio State University’s Skull Session.

The Skull Session is a 57-year-old tradition held before every OSU home football game. “It is a show where the OSU and the opener’s band play their music to get ready for the game,” freshman Marching Pioneer Mitchell Ticoras said.

The band put in a lot of practice time, and the result verified that all its hard work had paid off.

Photo credits by Raelynn Bishop

“Getting two standing ovations from 15,000 people was really cool. It is the ultimate reward,” Ticoras said.

Not only did the band have the opportunity to play for its largest crowd yet, it played for OSU fans.

“If you hear someone shout O…..H…. do not be scared, just shout I…..O…..! right back,” OOHS

band director Marc Zirille said.

The band’s work, though, isn’t done yet. As football season comes to an end, so does outdoor marching; but the annual event, Friday Night Live (FNL), will keep the band plenty busy for the following three weeks.

“I love all of marching season, but FNL is special because all of the attention in on the band,” junior band member Danny Sanmiguel said.

FNL serves as the final wrap-up to marching band season and a transition into concert band time. On Nov. 18-21, the OOHS theater will be filled with popular music and dancing Pioneers.

The band will compile music from its three half-time performances and the post/pre-game shows to fill the show. “I can’t wait to perform all the music we’ve played throughout the year,” Sanmiguel said.

Photo credits by Raelynn Bishop

The band will also be performing some new songs. Among those is, “Everything is Awesome,” a popular song from “The Lego Movie”.

The band’s T-shirts have a Lego man, modeled after a Lego person from the 2014 film “The Lego Movie”, dressed in in the traditional Orange Band uniform. “If you’ve seen us wear our shirts, you’ll have a good idea of what we’re playing,” Sanmiguel said.

The Marching Pioneers are dedicated and hardworking, and with continued endurance, the excellence of the band can do nothing but grow.


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