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New scene at Tuttle: Scene 75 Entertainment Center opens

Malls in the Columbus area are not hard to come by. From Polaris to Tuttle to the Tanger Outlets, each one must be unique to set it apart from the rest.

On Oct. 12, 2019, Tuttle Mall opened a new entertainment center called Scene 75. Scene 75 has added a thrill to the entertainment business in Columbus.

According to scene75.com, the Tuttle entertainment center has 20 different attractions. The entertainment venue boasts laser tag, glow in the blacklight mini golf and an escape room to round out the more casual experience at Scene 75. There are more adventurous activities as well.

“We have go-karts, a roller coaster, drop tower and batting cages, that I think would be good for teens,” Guest Services Manager Deishon Williams said.

“I would say my experience was pretty fun. It took me back to my childhood getting to play all these fun games and also having so many different activities all in one spot was very convenient,” senior Kellen Sargent said.

Sargent visited Scene 75 on Oct. 24 and was at the entertainment center for an hour and a half playing a variety of arcade games.

Williams recommends that teens purchase a Superpass, which is $39 with the choice of six attractions and an hour of unlimited arcade games.

Other options for Scene 75 is paying for each individual attraction, with prices ranging from $2 - $20 for the various activities.

With the arcade, there are many different games to play and many different prizes to win. The arcade works very similar to how Dave and Busters’ arcade cards work including racing games, skeeball, crain prize pick ups and more.

With prizes like stuffed animals and even gaming consoles and Televisions as the big prizes. Also the tickets can be saved for later and never expire and can stay on the play card, and be used later.

“I would say the prices were fair for how many different things you could do all in one place. It’s overall a fun experience so the price given is worth it,” Sargent said.

According to abc6.com, “Two stores have announced they are leaving a Northwest Columbus mall, leading some to speculate on the fate of the shopping landmark. Sears and Starbucks announced closures in the Tuttle Crossing Mall, joining Macy's, which closed one of its two stores in 2017.”

Scene 75 has a chance to help bring the Tuttle mall back to previous glory it had in the early 2000s.

Williams said with Scene 75 coming to Tuttle Mall that it will help bring more business back to Tuttle and Dublin area.

Scene 75 is not just all about the attractions it also has a restaurant called Illusions Restaurant, which has food for all ages. As well as multiple bars for adults and snack bars throughout the center.

The facility also has a mega tron Television in between the two floors that shows the biggest athletic event each that night, for everyone to see.

“I would recommend scene 75 to other people because It’s appealing to all ages by the variety of games and activities they have, and you can just have fun,” Sargent said.

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