• Mattie Niles

The pioneer pit

The crisp fall air, the chants and cheers of the student body, the crazy outfits and themes: football season is back. Football Friday Nights are an exciting event, not only for the football team, but also for the student body as a whole. The Pioneer Pit has become a great way to get the students together to support the team.

This season has been one of the most anticipated seasons for the team yet and is rumored to be one of the best the school has seen.

“I’m excited to see what the football team accomplishes this year. I think some of last year’s big wins were just previews to what will happen his year,” senior football fan Emily Wolf said.

The student section leaders, seniors Kyle Kufrin and Carson Briggs, have very high expectations for this year, not only for the football team but for the student section and themselves as well.

“This year Carson and I plan on creating an atmosphere that’s as fun as possible for everyone,” Kufrin said.

They want everyone to come to the games to support the football team and other sporting

events as they happen.

“We’re looking forward to getting as many people to sporting events as possible. Our athletic teams work very hard, and we want to reward them by getting people there. We want our student section to be the loudest, rowdiest student section in the state, and so far, I’d say we’ve accomplished that.”

The student section has evolved a lot since the school opened and significantly since the seniors were freshmen.

“It has changed in the ways that the team has gotten better, which makes the student section more lively and everyone always has a good time. My favorite part would have to be seeing everyone from school in a good mood and happy to be there to support their classmates and have a good time. I hope we still have the fun cheers like the rollercoaster along with powder for some games to throw to make everyone more hype,” Wolf said.

Kufrin and Briggs started a Gofundme on their Twitter account and have raised about $700 in just over a month.

“All the money will be spent on different supplies for the

tailgates and the section. At the end of the year, all the money left over will be donated to a worthy cause,” Kufrin said.

They also use the Twitter account to announce themes, run polls and deliver messages to as many people as possible.

“By tweeting out all of our announcements, we hope that the whole school will receive word of our plans, like the themes, and get important information on upcoming events,” Kufrin said.

After the first football games, Kufrin and Briggs were impressed with the turnout of the student section and can’t wait to see how full the student section can get.

“I wasn’t expecting nearly as many people to show up to away games, but the ‘Neers proved me wrong. I was very proud, and it only raised my expectations for the rest of the year,” Kufrin said.

The two are very excited for the rest of the year and hope that the rest of the student body is as well. They have multiple themes and events that they can’t wait to share with everyone.

“Carson and I came up with the theme ideas ourselves while bringing back some of the previous themes from last year. We don’t want to give away all of our themes yet, but some of the ones we want people to look forward to is white night, pink night and beach night.”

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