• Camryn Thompson

Adam Walters wins OCC Coach of the Year

As any student walks down the Foreign Language hallway, they may hear the sound of a loud voice, often helping someone. This voice comes from the cross country coach, Adam Walters. Through the power of his loud, passionate voice, he is always finding ways to help each student and athlete.

Head Track and Field and Cross Country Coach and science teacher, Adam Walters won OCC Cross Country Coach of the Year. It is a huge honor considering he helped pave the way for the school’s track team so it successfully brought home the OCC title as well as OCC titles for the boys cross country team the past two years. In addition, the cross country team advanced to the state meet for the first time in school history.

“OCC Cross Country Coach of the Year goes to the OCC Champion team’s coach. It feels good to receive the honor, but it’s the athletes who win the championships and deserve the credit!” Walters said.

Recognized as one of the most selfless people by many students, he gives all his credit to the athletes for their dedication and work ethic, insisting he wouldn’t have gotten to where he is now without them. He can’t wait to continue this long journey as he plans to be the track and cross country coach as long as he’s teaching at the school.

“I think a good coach cares about his or her athletes, gets to know them and what motivates them. Then, they strive to help them become the best athletes and best people they can

be,” Walters said.

Walters is often found to be motivated by his faith and the desire to see the people around him to reach their full potential in everything they do. Additionally, he often envisions what life would be like if we were all living out the best versions of ourselves.

“I think it would be pretty cool to see everyone being the best they can be, so I try to help students get there. Even though I definitely don’t live it out myself every day, it’s something to always strive for,” Walters said.

Waking up every morning, Walters looks forward to knowing that he has a chance to impact other people’s lives for the good. He also realizes that he can impact people for the worse, and this shows the power of choice that we all have along with the struggles of juggling them all every day.

“He [Walters] has specific things for each athlete to do based on their strengths and weaknesses that allow them to never give up on me, or others,” sophomore track and field athlete Mckenzie Blendick said.

Walters has a very distinctive personality that allows him to relate to all his students and athletes. Given that he is the track and field coach along with the cross country coach, he has a personality of being highly relatable and very driven. He never gives up until he knows he has given it his all with both his students and athletes.

“I want to know and care for students, but in a way that also challenges them to do their best, whether that’s in the classroom or on the teams I coach. My ultimate hope is that students learn the right attitudes and skills that help them succeed after high school,” Walters said.

With Walters being OCC’s Cross Country Coach of the Year, the school should expect nothing but great things from this year’s track team. Winning OCCs and sending many people to States last year, the school should hope to see much more from this year’s squad.

“Coach Walters deserves OCC Cross Country Coach of the Year because our track team last year was very good and I think this year we will be very good as well. He is a good coach, mentor and most of all, makes track fun and enjoyable,” Blendick said.

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